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52nd Annual San Diego Local Author Showcase 2018

Image courtesy of the San Diego Central Library Local Author Showcase

The San Diego Local Author Showcase is in its 52nd year, highlighting authors in the San Diego area who have published in the last year.  I will be attending the showcase premier this evening with my first volume of The Fellowship of the Ancient Covenant series, The Honorable Knight.

The Honorable Knight is the first book in the series The Fellowship of the Ancient Covenant. In the year 1099 AD, four young adults, Ian, Jacques, Serena, and Desiree, enter into an ancient covenant to protect mankind from evil forces for a millennium. Ian leaves a hardscrabble farm in Eire on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Ian meets Jacques, a wealthy young knight, in France, and they join the First Crusade. They meet Serena, the blacksmith’s daughter, and Desiree, a nurse serving in the H’ospital of St. John, in Jerusalem. In the present day, Ian is a Navy Seal, Jacques is a mercenary, Serena is a Mossad agent, and Desiree is an agent for the Center for Disease Control. The four heroes stop a terrorist attack on the United States, then shut down a laboratory developing deadly pathogens.

The Honorable Knight will be displayed in the lobby of the San Diego Central Library at the Joan & Irwin Jacobs Common for the month of February, and be featured in the online gallery from February through December 2018, to which I will provide a link after it is updated.

After February, The Honorable Knight will be available for check-out shelved alphabetically – Donahoe – in the Local Author collection in the Dickenson Popular Library on the first floor of the San Diego Central Library, 330 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101. There is underground parking with a 2-hour library validation. Walking distance to Park in the Park and Lolita’s Mexican Food. Make an afternoon of it!

If you check out my book from the library, would you mind posting a #bookselfie to Instagram with hashtag #pjdauthorTHK, or #THKSDLAS2018? Submitting a review on Amazon and Goodreads? I love to hear what people think of my series and the characters and I can’t wait to see you with my book.

Thank you for your support!


New Release: The Blacksmith’s Daughter

Patrick is proud to announce The Blacksmith’s Daughter, The Fellowship of the Ancient Covenant Volume 3 is now available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book and as a paperback.

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The action and intensity increases in The Fellowship of the Ancient Covenant, Volume 3: The Blacksmith’s Daughter as the Four take new directions in the ancient story, while in the modern story they serve as a strike team to thwart the Select’s use of nuclear weapons to create chaos.

Enjoy limited-time pricing on The Blacksmith’s Daughter.

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If you still need that perfect gift for yourself or a friend, the series is available on Kindle for just $11.97 for a limited time.

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The Honorable Knight, The Noble Mercenary on sale for holiday season

Begin your journey with The Fellowship of the Ancient Covenant series this holiday season, now available at lower pricing for a limited time!

An action/adventure tale mixed with historical fiction, techno-thriller, spy and sci-fi elements make this the perfect series for the reader who loves superhero movies. Intended for mature Young Adults through great-grandparents, we would rate this PG-13 for violence, sexually suggestive material, and religious elements.

Treat yourself, a friend, or loved one today.

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Have a wonderful season!